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Crappie Fry
Crappie Fry

Crappie Fry

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Our brand new 1.75" Crappie Fry is just the right size for all panfish. The fat body and thin triangular shaped tail provide just the right profile to mimic the natural forage of panfish like Crappie, Perch and big Sunfish and Bluegills. As with all of our baits that we manufacture they are salt impregnated and scent infused. 

Every Crappie Fry has been UV ACTIVATED!! A special additive has been added to react with UV light, a wavelength not visible to the human eye under normal conditions (shine a black light on them to see them light up) During testing panfish have shown to react better to baits with the UV additive. Scented with natural Anise oil.


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